Update 9:06 PM EST:

Associated Press’s Lawrence Messina reports that AP projects Bill Maloney will win Republican nomination in WV special gubernatorial primary (twitter: @lmessina)

Update 9:00 PM EST:

From West Virginia Metronews:

Tomblin 40%, Thompson 22%, Tennant 19%, Perdue 13%, Kessler 6%, Moltis 0%.   45% of precincts reporting

Metronews reports Tomblin to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for governor.

Update 8:53 PM EST:

AP has made an early forecast, predicted Earl Ray Tomblin to win the Democratic Primary. This comes from Wake-Up Call Editor and Hotline On Call Deputy Editor Julie Sobel via twitter (@HotlineJulie)

Also reported by West Virginia Watchdog via twitter (@WVWatchdog)

Update – 8:20 PM EST (May 14, 2011)

The Charleston Gazette is reporting that Tomblin has a lead (45% of the vote) for the Democrats, with Natalie Tennant in second with 19%.  Only 112 of 1,883 precincts are reporting however.

The battle royale for West Virginia’s Special Election for Governor has reached the primary election stage tonight.  The special election was called after Joe Manchin III was elected to the U.S. Senate (thus vacating his seat as governor for the remainder of his term) after Robert C. Byrd passed away.  Earl Ray Tomblin (D-WV who is the Senate President) took over as acting governor.  The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled to have the election on October 4, 2011.  The remainder of the term will only last 14 months.

Currently, there are 8 Republicans and 6 Democrats involved in the primary election.


-Betty Ireland (former Secretary of State for WV)
-Bill Maloney (Drilling Consultant)
-Larry Faircloth (former Delegate)
-Mark Sorsaia (District Attorney – Putnam County, WV)
-Mitch Carmichael (General Manager – Frontier Communications)
-Clark Barnes (State Senator)
-Ralph Clark (Chair of West Virginia University’s Philosophy Department)
-Cliff Ellis (State coal mine inspector and former Mayor of Westover, WV)


-Jeff Kessler (acting President of the WV Senate)
-John Perdue (Current West Virginia State Treasurer)
-Natalie Tennat (Current West Virginia Secretary of State)
-Earl Ray Tomblin (acting Governor of West Virginia)
-Rick Thompson (Current Speaker of the House, West Virginia House of Delegates)
-Arne Moltis (landlord)


(information on candidates from the the Charleston Gazette)

Chuckie Corra

Chuckie Corra

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