In looking for a reason for Billington picking Jerry Jones for the Madison Council as some sort of “business advisor” I am really puzzled.  The only thing I can give him credit for is that he actually played college football, unlike the majority of other NFL team owners.  Of course, once you get to know Jerry, you can see why he never shows any empathy for men who play a game as professionals that he once played in college.

Jones is a typical American millionaire-billionaire, in that all his profits are privatized, whereas all the losses are socialized.  This business acumen, in concert with always giving to Republican candidates, makes him a Madison Council shoe-in.

For a perfect example of this, take a look at how he built the new Cowboys stadium.  After the Supreme Court’s bizarre decision regarding eminent domain, Jones was able to work a sleazy deal to bulldoze neighborhoods for his new stadium.  I mean, you have to “buy” the land somehow.  Of course, you and I actually buy land for sale as opposed to having it condemned.  Aside from buying our own land to build our own homes on, these rules don’t hold for people like Jones–or many other Madison Council members for that matter. NFL owners simply get the city to build these stadiums at public expense.  As we know, these new stadiums aren’t for the regular folk, but have corporate boxes.  NFL owners, even though they did not pay for the stadiums, get substantial revenue from ticket sales.  Ain’t America a great place.

Jones shares another trait with Billington and other republicans. This is their Ahab quest to kill unions once and for all in this country.  As I write this post, it looks like the NFL season is not going to happen.  As this article points out, Jones is the leader of the pack in trying to break the NFL Players Association.  He was instrumental in building a war chest for the owners to starve the players out.  Obviously out of greed, Jones broke the old revenue-sharing agreement between owners.  As the author in the link points out, where would Jones be without the other teams in the league?  Maybe Jones thinks the fans show up to see him?  As the author also points out, Jones is the number one reason that the NFL may actually be destroyed.  Again, business advise like this is definitely valuable to the Library of Congress and the Madison Council.

What bothers me the most about this guy is that, as a human being, he really is pure scum.  In a biography, he seems to think, like some lord of the manor, he has the right to humiliate his employees by publicly sexually harassing their wives.  I love this quote:

Jerry Jones used to make his private plane shake in flight because he was banging his mistress so hard in the back. He also would ask his employee’s wives if they were wearing panties and that if she would give him 5 minutes, he would take her to heaven…right in front of their husbands who were, as I said, employed by Jones.

How is that for class?  Does he do that at Madison Council parties?  Has he done that to Library of Congress employees?  One other part of this book is explained in this review.  Jones covered up serious crimes and even attempted murder among teammates.

One last point.  I remember when a DC newspaper, I think RollCall, ran a photo of Jones giving a book to Billington to help rebuild the original Thomas Jefferson library that restarted the Library after the British burned the first collection.  I looked up the title to see how much it cost–all I had to do was walk down the hall and check the rare book list–and was “surprised” to find out it only cost $450.00.  I sent a letter to the editor and pointed this out, adding that Jones spent more on his shoes.

So, just to recap, what advise can Jerry Jones give the Library of Congress? How to break a union? How to humiliate your underlings by putting the make on their wives? By giving cheap gifts for publicity shots?  For the Madison Council, anybody who believes in noblesse-oblige is a chump.



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