FDL Comment Moderation 2.0

Starting today we’re implementing a new moderation system across all the FDL sites, including MyFDL.

Many people have expressed the desire for members of the community play a stronger role in developing actions, content and community standards for FDL. The membership program is one of the ways we’re trying to be responsive to those wishes, and our new content moderation system is another.

If you look down to the bottom of each post, you’ll see a link that says “flag this post as inappropriate”:

You’ll see one at the bottom of each comment, too:


While we’ll still be screening comments for spam and inappropriate language, we’ll also be looking at the number of times a comment or a post gets flagged by members of the community, and factoring that into whether or not someone is appropriate content. It doesn’t mean that a group of people can gang up on one diarist or commenter and get them booted, but it does mean that if something upsets a lot of people, we’ll know that and can take it into account when making those decisions.

But that system depends on your participation. So if you see something you think has crossed the line, let us know. Disagreeing with someone’s respectfully expressed political perspective is not sufficient reason to flag a comment as inappropriate. Eliminationist rhetoric, threats, hate speech and free iPhone spam are.

There’s a vast gray area between the two polarities, however, and as a community we make decisions about what is appropriate and what is not every day. If those standards were static the job would be easy, but because of the fluid nature of language and the evolving ways people communicate online, they change all the time.

We hope this new flagging system will give the members of our community a greater role in making the decisions about community content. We know there are other changes people would like to see to the commenting system, and we hope to be implementing those soon as well.

But as we roll out this new system, we want the FDL community to know we are listening to what you say, and that we are working consistently to be responsive to your needs. We look forward to working with you to make FDL a better site, and appreciate the time and effort you put into making that happen.

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