Obama Hates Osama Zombies

Jesus Hates Zombies by Ben Templesmith

Reveling in the death of BinLaden is MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. He called out a group of Country and Western musicians for not being patriotic enough, and he wants some ditties to mark the occasion.  Yesterday.

RT followed by awarding him with the Tool Time Award for Obnoxious TV Hosts.

Republicans and musicians are not the only ones that have Ed’s tighty whities in a knot. Michael Moore has been setting the twitter world on fire since the “execution” of Bin Laden.

On May 4th, Moore did an interview with The Wrap where he expressed his disappointment with the execution of UBL rather than capture, and the celebrations that followed.

Was Bin Laden still a threat to the United States, then?

He was put out of business some years ago. Now, we’re dealing with rogue underwear bombers. Bin Laden was probably going, “This is so f**king embarrassing. Just hook me up to the Internet and let me get on with my business.”

Why didn’t Bin Laden’s wealth get mentioned more?

From day one, they would use his name and pair it with Muslim, as some kind of fear thing about Muslims. Well, he was as much a multi-millionaire as he was a Muslim, but we didn’t start profiling multi-millionaires. Everybody who flew those planes into the Twin Towers rode in first class.

Do you think Osama was really buried at sea because of his religious beliefs?

That’s bullsh*t “He was buried at sea according to Muslim tradition.” I’ve got many Muslim friends where I live in Michigan. When I go to a Muslim funeral in Detroit, we don’t hop in a chopper after the ceremony and drop the body into Lake Erie.

We’re so worried about upsetting the Muslim world. We just shot him in the f**king head, do you think they care how we conduct the funeral?

Then he appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan.

Ed thinks Republicans are hypocrites because they refuse to join in him in an orgiastic flag waving dance while cutting up the transubstantiated body of Binladen and passing out pieces of it as a sacrament, and he’s PISSED.
Hand Wringing Liberals” are ruing The Defining Moment of Obama’s Great Presidency and he should know, Jon Stewart said so. Ed says there were no orders to kill, and Michael Moore is wrong wrong wrong with his facts. Then he says that progressives should have known better, and it’s all our fault because Obama said many times He was going to kill kill kill Bin Laden, multiple times. Video

(ironically, following this scolding, Ed hosts Malcom Nance, a SEAR School trainer who lives in the Middle East; He says that killing UBL has kicked over a hornets nest, the Special Operations team killed UBL because those were thier orders. Video)

The next day, Laura Flanders visits the show and told him she’s one of those Birkenstock Liberals who are making Democrats look like sissies. She tells him that killing isn’t the equivalent of justice. Video

Today the big guy Keith Olbermann weighs in:

Special Comment: Death of Bin Laden; Defense of Moore

The quickest way for a nation to ruin itself is to sanctify falsehood. And the quickest way to sanctify falsehood, is to attack anyone who even asks if it’s falsehood.

I do not have a problem with this country dispatching a shoot-to-kill team to get Osama Bin Laden. The impracticality of a trial – the prospect of hostage-taking, or other attempts to free a living and captured Bin Laden – are compelling reasons to do what was done. Even on the philosophical and legal levels [..]

What I object to, is those who want to silence those who disagree with me.

My friend Michael Moore told CNN, quote, “We’ve lost something of our soul here in this country. Maybe I’m just an old-school American who believes in our judicial system. We’re better than them, we don’t just operate in an uncivilized way the way they did on 9/11.”

Michael’s points are right-on. More over, only someone who had deliberately forgotten the last decade would think that our shooting Bin Laden won’t be used as an excuse by somebody somewhere for shooting an American – and soon.

Do we want to go back to the way the media was in this country eight years and four days ago? That to question the honesty of those in power is to find oneself painted as unpatriotically questioning the troops?

Because that is where Michael Moore’s critics would lead us. I want hand-wringing over exactly who a President gets to kill. I want Liberals to question other Liberals. If the official story deviates at all from the facts, I want the official story questioned.

Michael Moore is damned good at questioning official stories and should be encouraged to do so, even at the risk of offending some liberals of uncertain provenance. Because I’d rather have one question too many than one too few and because while the Official Story is always “official” it is not always more than just ”a story.”