So that open thread roundup worked so well, I’m making it a Friday tradition! I’ll put down a few links below (OK, more than a few), but I encourage you to bring your own to the comment section. I’m looking for ways to make the site more interactive and this is maybe a good start. So…

• Maybe the worst thing the state and local budget crisis will knock out is legal aid for foreclosures. It’s a crime we couldn’t get federal money authorized by Dodd-Frank released for this purpose last year. Speaking of state budget crises, California is shutting down 70 state parks.

• Some good thoughts on bin Laden and the Arab spring from Michael Moore and Liz Sly. Some terrible, disingenuous thoughts on the same topic from Donald Rumsfeld.

• Remember when the head of the Department of Administration in Wisconsin said damage to the Capitol building in Madison from protests would cost $7 million? Try $270,000. And that’s probably a high number.

• The House Oversight Committee hearing on the proposed executive order to disclose campaign spending by government contractors devolved into stonewalling and recriminations.

• Half of the top financial regulators are leaving their posts in the near future, a major hindrance to getting regulatory reform standing.

• The bond vigilantes have spoken, and they say taxes must be part of any US budget solution.

• Democracy for America already started a Draft Russ Feingold movement. And Paul Ryan’s definitely considering a run. Please let this happen…

• Hosni Mubarak’s wife has now been detained in Egypt in the corruption probe. Meanwhile, activists have created kind of a wiki for their torturers in prisons.

• US Attorney for Manhattan Preet Bharara can do less time strutting about small fry cases and more time actually cracking down on systemic fraud on Wall Street.

• All of a sudden the Club for Growth has taken an interest in Federal Reserve appointments.

• The National Review flips on Mitt Romney, calls his health care speech a failure. This is four years after they endorsed him for President. Wait until they find out that his plan in Massachusetts covers abortions (unlike the federal plan).

• POGO’s SEC/Wall Street revolving door database is fun to play around with.

• Now the US realizes Afghanistan can’t afford that large a security force? I think the cost of just paying them is something like two times their gross domestic product.

• Is Al Jazeera hiding the ball on the Arab spring, only covering the countries on the periphery of Qatar?

• Where will you be for the big Mike Huckabee announcement??!?!? Looks like he’s not running, by the way.

• How much will the nation freak out about another group of aspirational lone wolf terrorists who were too stupid to pull off anything and spent most of their time “fighting and smoking pot”?

• Newt’s daughter tries to rehabilitate her dad’s image by debunking the old story about him divorcing his first wife while she was in the hospital for cancer. But the actual ex-wife said pretty clearly in the past that’s what happened.

• Facebook tried to run a smear campaign against Google.

• Baja Arizona isn’t becoming the 51st state anytime soon.

• Senior Administration official makes a funny about Republican skeptics about the reality of the debt limit: “These are the kinds of people who get eaten by bears.”

• Jon Stewart often blows these slightly complex concepts for the sake of a joke.

• Bin Laden had porn. Or rather, some unnamed official wants the world to think that bin Laden had porn. But he was a man, so he probably had some porn. Either that or his couriers had it.

• Don’t you just envision George Bush eating souffle every day in his retirement? Shouldn’t we have all bought Texas souffle futures? Only real Murcans eat souffle.

David Dayen

David Dayen