You have jumped the gun, so to speak.

If you had just waited until the generation you had already raised Social Security and Medicare taxes on in 1983 to pass away, you would not have to hear back from me, how it worked out for those of us you fleeced in 1983. Not only do we have to retire later in a depressed economy but we are less likely to find employment during our retirement and so we are more and more dependent on the Social Security and Medicare benefits which we paid for at a higher rate since 1983.

We already took a 19% haircut on our Social Security. In 1983, you cut our benefits by raising our retirement age to 66 for me and 67 for my younger friends. And you raised our FICA so we could fund our parents Social Security benefits. Hands Off our Social Security, Mr. Elected Representative.

Why should we listen to your intentions to fleece us again?

Have you lost your memory and mind? We haven’t.

Signed. The Kids of 1983.