Myths that the Plutocrats use to keep us in a tailspin

If we accept the false premise of a myth [or “lie” as they are sometimes called in less polite circles]  that is perpetuated by the plutocrats, it’s downhill from there.  We become as erratic and vulnerable as Chicken Little running around frantically grabbing at any solution the plutocrats hand to us on one of their special silver platters.

Just listen to two of their more recent and famous myths from the past and consider all the trouble and expense that believing these myths have gotten us into:  1) “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.”  and 2) “These banks are too big to fail.”

Our beliefs form the basis of our actions.  Our beliefs are the foundation of our thought and subsequent assumptions about a given problem. If they are faulty or incorrect, then all our assumptions and proposed solutions going forward are also incorrect and will never resolve the real problem at hand because we will forever be addressing symptoms of the problem and not its true underlying root cause.

To offset the impact of myths on our thinking, I’m advocating a PASS IT FORWARD systemwhich I’ve explained previously.  I hope you’ll join me in setting our nation on the path to real solutions for real problems.


Here are a few of the current myths that have us pursing pseudo solutions that will never address the root cause and solve the problem:

1. THE BOOGEYMAN OF “BIG GOVERNMENT” SPENDING – There is no big government spending.  That is a myth.  If anything the trend over the past 30 years has been toward less, not more government spending.

2. SCHOOL VOUCHERS WILL SOLVE OUR EDUCATION ISSUES – The truth is that school vouchers will dismantle our public education system and that is the stated intention of people like Betsy DeVos and David Koch and the Mellon Scaife families:  to dismantle public education.  These people have actually signed pledges to that effect.  Too bad that David Koch does not care as much about the school children of the USA as he does about the ballet.

3. WE MUST CONTINUE TO USE FOSSIL FUELS AS A SOURCE FOR ENERGY – Perhaps this is true in the very short term of five to ten years.  But it is entirely feasible to be free of 90% of fossil fuel use and nuclear power within five to ten years.

4. THE “FREE” MARKET WILL ADJUST ITSELF AND TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY TRICKLE DOWN – I think that many Americans are beginning to see this myth for what it really is.  Markets do not adjust themselves.  People adjust markets and the people who are currently adjusting Wall Street markets are doing so strictly for the advancement and accumulation of their own personal wealth.  Furthermore they apparently don’t give a damn if their greed results in millions of people losing their home–or in the case of food commodity manipulation, starve to death.  We need more regulation and laws to protect us from the greed of the rich–not less.

5. SOCIAL SECURITY MUST BE DISMANTLED AS IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE--First of all many economists argue with good evidence that Social Security, even if nothing is done is sustainable at 100% through 2035 and then after that, even if Congress does nothing, it will still be able to fund at 75%.  Show me any Wall Street stock with that guarantee.  Furthermore, Social Security could be fixed with one sentence of legislation:  ”All Americans will now pay Social Security tax on 100% of their income.”  Note:  Currently only the majority of Americans, those of us who earn less than $107,000 a year must pay Social Security tax on 100% of our income.  After $107,00 earned each year, the rich, including all 525 members of our Congress don’t pay a dime.

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