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On the topic of Political Plutocrats and Mining

I read a post tonight in Firedoglake, Corporate Fairy Tales in Afghanistan, that inspired me to dig up a post that I wrote on the topic of political plutocrats and their mining ventures.  My article first appeared on Oct 29, 2009. I wrote it not too long after Poppy Bush referred to Olbermann and Maddow as “two sick puppies” thus my mockery of “one sick Poppy.”

However it  is very timely since this is shareholder’s season and share holders are standing up and protesting at various shareholder meetings.  is one such site and it is dedicated entirely to various protests association with Barrick Mining (a Canadian firm).

I think it’s time that the children and grandchildren of George HW “Poppy” Bush hear a few stories about Poppy and Grandpoppy that they might not know about their patriarch.   Of course, their values may be such that they applaud such actions.  Who knows?  The very wealthy don’t march to the same tin drum that the rest of us do–theirs is a golden drum.



You may not know this, but one sick Poppy is also mining man.  Yes Indeedy.

At the end of the George H.W. Bush presidency, the Interior Department enabled Barrick Gold to secure the approval of a massive gold mining claim on Western Shoshone lands. The claim was for an estimated $10 billion in gold within the area of the Treaty of Ruby Valley. Because of the 1872 Mining Act, Barrick paid less than $10,000 for the claim, just about $5.00 an acre.

Then, in May 1995, Barrick Gold Corporation announced a new international advisory board under the leadership of George H.W. Bush. The former president became Barrick’s chief lobbyist, a Barrick shareholder, and honorary senior advisor to the corporation’s international board.


Barrick Gold is a Canadian mining company and like all mining companies it too has a very nasty history. Barrick has 27 operating mines, located in some of the world’s most prospective gold districts in North America, South America, Australia Pacific and Africa.  To learn more of their nasty history.



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Liz Berry

Liz Berry