Photobucket The National Organization for Marriage consistently talks about how the organization is working to “protect marriage” and how to “traditional marriage” isn't bigotry.

One wonders if Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown of NOM took classes from political pollster and consultant Frank Luntz in terms of how they stay on that message even the face of the fact that the message is a complete dodge.

You have to give them props for that.

However, that's all you can give them props for. In terms of integrity and truth, one almost wishes that there was a grade lower than “F” to give the organization.

So I have decided to do something as a way to remind folks of the emptiness of NOM's message.

I am keeping tabs on just how often the group and its members contradicts its claim of simply “protecting marriage.”


To me, NOM's actions are bigotry, but it goes farther than that.  If you took a look at NOM's past actions, you would find that the organization  has been engaging in extremely un-Christian tactics in order to gain success for its endeavors. Granted, nothing illegal has been going on (at least as far as I know) but NOM's actions belie the organization's claim that it's simply an innocent group protecting marriage: 


  • The latest questionable action comes courtesy of Jeremy Hooper. On it's blog, NOM is implying that a random reader of the Minnesota's Star Tribune wrote a letter to the editor the state's marriage amendment. However, as Hooper details, the man – William LeMire – isn't necessarily random.
  • Then there are the recent developments in New York with NOM's anti-gay marriage commercial using refuted information.
  • Then there is Maggie Gallagher's awful appearance at a Congressional hearing on “protecting marriage” where she contradicted her past statements against the lgbt community and same-sex households.
  • How NOM pushed the propaganda of a known Massachusetts hate group in Maryland.

The list isn't complete yet. But like that old saying goes – “it ain't, but it's gonna be.”

After all, NOM gives us so much to work with.

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Defending traditional marriage certainly isn't bigotry but demonizing the lgbt community to defend traditional marriage IS bigotry. And lying to defend traditional marriage is even worse.

Some information for this post is taken from NOM Exposed and Equality Matters 

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen