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George W. Bush Dining on Souffle When He Found Out Bin Laden was Dead

So riddle me this.

If putting Swiss cheese on a cheese steak or Dijon mustard on a cheeseburger or mentioning a common vegetable means you’re an effeminate, foreign, out-of-touch elitist who hates America and probably goes both ways — what does eating souffle make you?

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer Reports: Former president George W. Bush said he was eating souffle at a restaurant with his wife and friends when President Obama called with the Osama bin Laden news.

“I was eating souffle at Rise Restaurant with Laura and two buddies,” Bush said Wednesday at a conference of hedge fund managers in Las Vegas.

Pretty easy to see why W. ditched his fake ranch out in the sticks for the poshy ‘burbs of Dallas. It’s so difficult to find decent French cuisine in Crawford these days.


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