The poll above is one that I’ve been keeping since March 2011.  The percentages have varied little from day one.  At one point “undecided” was 4% and “Yes” was 70% so I guess you could say that the trend is toward:  YES LET’S CREATE A REAL DEMOCRACY.

Those who say that the USA are polarized are correct, but it is NOT the 50/50 polarization that is implied to us via the propaganda of mainstream media.  If you were to believe them you would think that American opinion is split right down the middle.  This is a perfect example of the propaganda technique of telling half the truth and not the whole truth.  American is polarized all right–but it is damn sure not “down the middle.”

We are polarized 70/26 with 3% on the fence.  THE MAJORITY FAVOR DUMPING BOTH PARTIES.

The only question remaining is how do we organize to create a real democracy.  AND NO, fake Koch Tea Party Movements are not invited.

Go f yourselves, you 26%.  We know who you are and that includes most of the 261 millionaire elected officials currently in the House and Senate.



Here are a few of the questions that Americans should be asking candidates for the House and Senate in 2012:

1.  Are you a millionaire? (if they are, proceed with caution in regard to supporting this person.  If they evade the answer or dismiss it as unimportant, then run like hell because this person is most likely not only a millionaire, but of the common variety–greedy secretive entitled plutocrat.

2. What is the dollar value of the Wall Street stock that  you own? ( The higher the value, the more the caution to be applied by the voters.  If they refuse to tell  you then run like hell.)

3.  Are you willing to recuse yourself from voting on issues that impact the value of your stock portfolio?  (It is doubtful that they will be honest, but you can tell if they are lying or not.  Go with your instincts on this one.)

4. What are your specific plans for job creation? (If they say “tax cuts”, turn and run. This person is a rich greedy pig sucking plutocrat. If they propose any plan that you cannot understand, turn and run.  This is not rocket science.  They just want to make you think that it is. )

5. How specifically do you plan to repair our crumbling infrastructure? (Again, If this person replies:  ”tax cuts”, turn and run. This person is a rich greedy pig sucking plutocrat.  (If they propose any plan that you cannot understand, turn and run.  This is not rocket science.  They just want to make you think that it is. )

6.  What is your stance on supporting the public school system? ( If the answer is  ”school vouchers” or “privatization”, then run like hell.  The only people who benefit from this deal are multi-level Amway billionaires like the DeVos family or the USA polluting Koch family and other members of the upper 1% class.)

7. Look up their voting record if this is not their first time in office. (This may take a little research since you cannot merely decide on the title of the bills that they have voted for or against.  The best way is to read the bill or at least read the response of progressive blogs to this bill.)  Example regarding titles of legislation:  HR 471:  Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Act sounds like a bill we should all support, but its content is about dismantling public education via school vouchers–vouchers which will be worth about as much as confederate money when it comes to covering the cost for private school tuition.)

8. What do you plan to do to correct the following taxation inequities in the USA:

a) The fact that the majority of Americans pay between 25% and 30% of their income in taxes and the wealthy and Wall Street corporations pay on average between 17% and nothing?  (If they argue with these statistics, run like hell.)

b) The fact that many of the wealthiest people in this nation commit income tax evasion by putting their money in offshore banking and tax havens. Do you believe that these people are cheating the majority of our nation?  (If they in anyway  suggest that this is OK, run like hell. If this person has no competition, then run for office yourself.  The people are mad enough that in 2012 you stand a good chance of winning.)




Liz Berry

Liz Berry