Obama is a center right politician.  The Republicans vying for the White House in 2012 are currently far-right Tea Bag Republicans.  There is a huge void on the left that inevitably will be filled by a third party candidate splitting the Democratic vote and ensuring a Republican victory in 2012.  The only way to avoid that outcome is to replace Obama with a progressive Democrat.

The country voted in 2008 for a progressive and they will do so again in 2012 if we give them that opportunity.

I started a bus ad campaign in Washington D.C. to create some noise and hopefully start a discussion among the media about the future of the Democratic party and the weakness of our current candidate.  It was my hope that this discussion would create the opening for a primary challenger to come forward.

Today I am happy to announce that the bus ad campaign was successfully funded and the ad will be going up in D.C. along a high traffic route sometime in the next month.  Thank you to all who supported this effort.

Here is the winning advertisement;

epicstep_starter [Converted]


I know people are searching for answers and looking for ways to elect a candidate that represents the progressive community.  Many are desperate to take action instead of just wallowing in disgust.  This was how I chose to act and I hope more will follow.  Anyone can start a crowdsourced ad campaign through www.epicstep.com with as little as $1.

I would be happy to help anyone with their designs at no charge if you do not have that skill set.  I am done talking.  I am done wallowing in disgust.  It is time for us to come together despite our differences of opinions and to start taking concrete actions to change the current dynamic in Washington.  Let’s put some meaning behind that tired campaign slogan, “Yes We Can!”

You can see the other designs for this campaign at https://www.epicstep.com/campaign/199/obama-needs-a-primary-challenger/

Unfortunately my favorite design did not win but the choice by the supporters was overwhelmingly clear.  People are outraged and the most outrageous design won hands down.  Let’s keep up the pressure.  The drumbeat to replace Obama is starting.  Please add your voices.