The Congress will soon be gearing up to extend the so called patriot act again. This will be another chance to see who will stand up and protect freedom and liberty and who will stand behind the over-arching power of the state vs your privacy and constitutional rights. Bruce Fein recently testified before congress dispelling the myth that the patriot act could have prevented 9/11. Look to see Rand Paul and Mike Lee put up a spirited fight in the senate on the republican side. Last time the the Washington establishment was not able to pass the two year extension like it wanted. They put it off until now. Its time to fight this once again. I urge you to sign the Patriots Petition put together by Campaign for Liberty.

Whereas: Congress passed the original “Patriot” Act in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy without thoroughly reading or debating a bill that would transform our country into a national security state; and

Whereas: The implementation of the national security state has created an expansive, inefficient, and secretive bureaucratic nightmare increasingly being targeted to spy on Americans, even based on anonymous information and political affiliation, all supposedly in the name of keeping us safe.; and

Whereas: Last year, Congress sneaked through a one-year extension of the “Patriot” Act with little public debate; and

Whereas: The Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate are ready to once again sneak this bill through while Americans are not paying attention; and

Therefore: To protect Americans from spying conducted by the national security state, I demand you vote against any legislation renewing the so-called “Patriot” Act.