"Why does Mr. Banana Holder have his job?" (photo courtesy of Jim White)

Pouting Baby is talking to us again. — JW

You might remember that I talked about Mr. Banana Holder back in December. I asked why he wouldn’t do his job and prosecute Georgie B and the other people who tortured. It turns out that Mr. Banana Holder seems to do his job by not doing his job. Remember when the bankers nearly made everybody’s money disappear because they almost stole too much money? Well, Mr. Banana Holder never sent anyone to jail over that. And it’s pretty obvious that there won’t be any jail for the people who tried to kill the Gulf of Mexico. But today we have a really strong example of how Mr. Banana Holder won’t do his job.

Earlier this month, Little Johnny InSin quit his job in Washington because he was caught with his friend’s wife doing things he shouldn’t have been doing with her. In the letter saying he would quit, Little Johnny InSin said this:

I am gratified that, after extended investigations, both the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission saw no grounds on which to charge me with improper conduct.

But today, we learned that the people who worked with Little Johnny InSin say that he did break the law and they are asking Mr. Banana Holder to do something about it:

Why does Mr. Banana Holder have his job?

The Senate Ethics Committee announced Thursday that it has referred key findings of its case against former Sen. John Ensign to the Justice Department, laying the groundwork for possible prosecution of the Nevada Republican.

They said directly that Little Johnny InSin broke the law, even though Mr. Banana Holder had said that he didn’t:

The special counsel investigating the case “respectfully submits that there is substantial credible evidence which provides … cause for the Committee to conclude Senator Ensign violated Senate Rules and federal civil and criminal laws, and engaged in improper conduct,” a report concluded.

“The committee has reason to believe laws were broken,” said California Sen. Barbara Boxer, the Democratic co-chairwoman of the committee. “The Justice Department will look at it. They have to.”

Why does it take Senator Barbara B to tell Mr. Banana Holder to do his job? Why won’t he do his job the way he should? Why does Mr. Banana Holder even have his job if he won’t punish people who break the law?

Jim White

Jim White

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