FCC Regulator Approved The NBC-Comcast Merger In January, Is Hired By NBC-Comcast Today

When the FCC doesn’t regulate, you end up with a few media companies owning everything that Americans read and watch. Media consolidation (concentration of media ownership) means that local news isn’t reported, stories with an anti-corporation “spin” are buried. Also, the news media competition means that Justin Bieber stories are going to displace any serious journalism, unless you have sensational photos. (Is Bin Laden the exception that proves the rule?)

Yesterday, one of the five FCC commisioners responsible for regulating the NBC-Comcast merger announced that Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker will be working for NBC-Universal (Now owned by Comcast) as an “unofficial” lobbyist come June.
Commissioner Baker.
Thanks FCC for image.

The Washington Post blogger doesn’t even mention the unseemlyness of this. (I guess lack of ethics isn’t news)

I’m sure people familiar with the moral erosion of the “revolving door” between regulators and the corporations they claim to regulate….know better.

Inside our country’s capital this brazen payoff is a normal career trajectory. If this corruption wasn’t disembowling our country’s federal agencies, the sole protection of our citizens, we could simply admire the Commissioner’s career choices.

To stop the betrayal of the public welfare, is campaign finance even enough anymore?

As our great country is blinded by media ownership, Corporate whores like the Commissioner are laughing their way to the bank. There’s not even the slightest chance that Commissioner Baker will be punished. It’s our government, and we’re responsible. We have to stop this.

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