Death Before Disco

My new favorite screen capture taken from Mike Huckabee’s Hillbilly Time Travel Cartoon-arama which is kind of like one of Jonah Goldberg’s Very Serious Thoughtful Arguments That Has Never Been Made In Such Detail Or With Such Care… but with animation!

In this scene a young Barack Obama menaces two nerds, who have gone back in time on what appears to be an iBike,  and demands their money (guttural “gimme yo money”) to buy cocaine or maybe to give to Bill Ayers as an advance to write Dreams Of My Father.  Of course, these days Barack Obama does not use a knife to steal money from the white Real Americans. He shoves tax increases down their throats. Except when he doesn’t.

Anyway, here is the cartoon which is awesome because Ronald Reagan shows up and saves the people by cutting their taxes. Except when he didn’t.

Seriously, this is the best cartoon ever. Suck on it,  Spongebob…

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