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The Decorah (Bald) Eagles Livestream[2012 new hatchkings]

I do not know if you guys have seen this, but it is fascinating. The Raptor Research Project has a 24-hour ‘live-streaming’ camera on a Bald Eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa (northeast Iowa).

Here is the link:

According to raptorresource, this 2012 season,

raptorresource Three healthy, lively hatchlings are growing and establishing their own pecking order

Mom and Dad eagle were ‘married’ in 2007. The unbanded pair raised three groups of chicks prior to this brood, and all eight are now on the wing.

This year’s group of three hatched about four days ago. The eggs are about baseball-size. Link.

The famous ‘shimmy’ that you often hear of, is when the eagle mom or dad repositiones theeggs or babies and then wiggles (shimmimies his tail back and f hoe totell mom from dad:

orth-one of the cutest things you will ever see.

Finally, here is Decorah Bald Eagle first hatch this year:

I am sorry I have not written for a while. I needed a break to think about some things.
yhis is a modified article from last year. The babies arrived two months earlier this year,

Mom and Dad Eagle takes turns on the nest. Here is a video expleining


The family lives on private property about eighty feet above the ground, near a fish hatchery and a stream. They love sushi.

The nest is six feet across, four feet deep, and weighs about a thousand pounds, so it is about the size of a small, uh…dumpster.

Here is a close-up video of the third egg hatch:

On a different topic, my son said:

“…I typically don´t like using the word “amazing” when describing somewhere that I’ve visited, mainly because I think it´s cheesy and usually an over exaggeration…”

My apologies. The Decorah Eagles are…amazing.

Oh, and you guys will love this. It is embarrassing, but true. Just before hitting “Publish,” I ran this post by the Editor-in-Chief, Masoninblue. Turns out I had typed, “Rapture Research Project” instead of “Raptor Research Project.”

He said, “Is that some fundy Christian organization?”

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