Our “blogger of the year” Award*

In the next day or two, the New Blogger of the Year Award will delivered to a much-deserving person and who works his or her magic fingers at the keyboard. And for those of us, and who are designated “racial and ethnics”, we too have a “blogger of the Year” Award, and which we call this a “The Stick-a-Fork In It” Award.

And for historical accuracy and in keeping with “finesse” and “class” we shortened the name of this award from, “Stickafork in the sonsabitches!” and to the simplemindedness that is found in “The Stick-a-Fork In It”.

And utilizing a tad of intellectual rigor, we, further, established two criteria and which are,

1) Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, and

2) Once Honor is achieved, Honor must be Recognized and Reciprocated.

Therefore, my having been a recipient of this “award” for ten years running, today, I am stepping aside and because I can, I am “awarding” our insightful Jane Hamsher with this “Stick a Fork In It” Award.

And why Jane?

I tend to be somewhat turgid in my prose, but Jane has not been. In the realm of the “unassailable” Fact, our Jane is concise and to the point that two words are more than justifiably sufficient, as in “veal pen”. And of course, she offended the White House enormously.  Consequently, she suffers no pomposity, but understands that for some of us, the more words used, more the merriment, for what’s being said and meant.

And in keeping with this “award” there is no financial compensation and no notoriety, since this prize is quietly presented with no lavish fanfare, other than, for my recommending a movie called the El Mal Ajeno with English subtitles and translated as [the bad sign/the bad attitude/the bad look] and as part and parcel to the feedback loop for acculturation and assimilation.. This is a story of a domestic worker with the “healing powers” and where this youngish Medicine Woman, despite her death at being intentionally run over, accomplishes much beyond her physical mortality.

Our much-appreciated Congrats to Jane Hamsher!

*From the Desk of the Chicano Veterans Organization.