“A Plymouth woman has said an Anti-social Behaviour Order (Asbo) which led to her being accused of prostitution in court has ruined her life.”

Good grief; “anti-social behaviour” based on what neighbors think of you? Between all the cameras and the idea of an “ABSO” isn’t it time to put aside the idea that Britain is a pillar of democracy?

Two Swedes jailed for life over Philippine cybersex den

Egads, for life? “Cybersex, or sexually explicit chat over the internet, is a growing industry in many parts of the world; business is booming in the Philippines.” I know that the claim that computers would reduce paper usage has shown to be absolutely false but computers taking the place of real sex? That’s pretty sick and not sick in the good sense of the word.

Obama dismayed as India rejects arms deal

“The notion that a major arms purchase should be based on broader strategic considerations – the importance of the US in India’s emerging Weltpolitik – rather than on the merits of the aircraft itself, strikes Indian officials as unfair. Some deny that the decision reflects any political bias on the part of India’s taciturn, left-leaning defence minister, AK Antony. The choice, they aver, is a purely professional one, made by the Indian Air Force, and only ratified by the ministry.

The two European fighters are generally seen as aerodynamically superior, having outperformed both US-made aircraft in tests under the adverse climatic conditions in which they might have to be used, particularly in the high altitudes and low temperatures of northern Kashmir. Experts suggest that the American planes are technologically ten years behind the European ones, and it doesn’t help that Pakistan, India’s likely adversary if the aircraft were ever pressed into combat, has long been a regular US client for warplanes.

Moreover, Indian decision-makers could not help but be aware that the US has not, over the years, proved to be a reliable supplier of military hardware to India or other countries. It has frequently cut off contracted supplies, imposed sanctions on friends and foes alike (including India), and reneged on delivering military goods and spare parts, in addition to being notoriously unwilling to transfer its best military technologies.”

No wonder the Obama Admin is basically silent about the Saudi/GCC invasion of Bahrain and what the King’s family is doing to the majority of the population there. “Why $60 billion in US arms to Saudi Arabia isn’t causing an outcry”



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