I have a confession to make. I am addicted to pornography and have been since I was a teenager. It has interfered with my relationships and I want to be rid of it. For long periods, I don’t think about it, but every once in awhile, it pops into my conscious awareness and suddenly I become obsessed, again.

The more sexual energy that I expend in my head, the less I have to share with my wife, which affects intimacy and eventually the foundation and strength of our marriage. Plus, it feels like cheating because it involves hiding and lying. Secrecy and shame are part of its allure.
I don’t want to hide and cheat. I decided to disclose my issue as part of a self-initiated process to publicize it in hopes of finally breaking its power and grip over me. I also hope that my disclosure may help others to wrestle with and finally overcome their addictions.

It’s long past time to clean-up the dead hawgs in my pasture.

Frederick Leatherman

Frederick Leatherman

I am a former law professor and felony criminal defense lawyer who practiced in state and federal courts for 30 years specializing in death penalty cases, forensics, and drug cases.

I taught criminal law, criminal procedure, law and forensics, and trial advocacy for three years after retiring from my law practice.

I also co-founded Innocence Project Northwest (IPNW) at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle and recruited 40 lawyers who agreed to work pro bono, assisted by law students, representing 17 innocent men and women wrongfully convicted of sexually abusing their children in the notorious Wenatchee Sex Ring witch-hunt prosecutions during the mid 90s. All 17 were freed from imprisonment.