President Obama will be attending the upcoming G8 conference May 26-27 in the commune of Deauville in France.  Prior to arriving in Deauville he will stop over in Britain on the 24th and 25th.

These summit participants are the current “core members” of the international forum:



Regarding the Menu

Since Michele is the family food expert, she might want to call ahead and tell those in charge of the meals to keep it simple–no 8 course, 19 dish dinner prepared by 25 chefs that includes hairy crab bisque, milk-fed lamb, sea urchin, lavender honey, etc. [ The meal served to the G8 members in July of 2008 after they discussed how to address problems of world hunger, food shortages, and starvation]

Regarding Deauville

One would have to search far and wide for a more plutocratic hangout than Deauville.  Located in northwestern France, Deauville is regarded as the “queen of the Norman beaches” and one of the most prestigious seaside resorts in all of France.  It has long been home to French high society’s seaside houses and is often referred to as the Parisian riviera.  Since the 19th century, the town of Deauville has been a fashionable holiday resort for the international upper class, a desired wealth family resort.


These people are so far removed from the world of Main Street and the back roads and trails  of emerging nations that they are clueless.

Frankly, my dears, they don’t give a damn. Can’t you see that? If they did, they would hold these summits in places like Detroit Michigan and share their food with the people of that city.  Since they like France so much, they could hold these summits in Evry, Essonne.  For those not familiar with France, Evry is a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris.  Evry is also the poorest town in France. 65% of the households are considered to be a “social case.

They are not interested in you and me.

They are interested in growing their personal wealth and comfort and they don’t care in regard to the price that the majority of the world must pay to deliver these luxuries to them.


If the children of these people had to attend public schools, we would see the educational system fixed in short order.

If the children of these people only had questionable water and a sometime piece of bread or half cup of rice to eat, you can bet your ass that they would pass legislation that would limit the ability of the Goldman Sachs commodity trading groups to manipulate the price of wheat and starve people to death.


Nothing will change until the world has leaders who understand the pain of the majority and care enough to do something about it.  And that is why more people, like you and like me must stand up and run for elected office.

We will NEVER have a democracy with 261 millionaires representing us in Congress–NEVER.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry