Despite current broadcasts, the private sector doesn’t have a corner on crystal balls. Regardless of how the media spins it or what hot topics the truthtellers or the pollyanna’s fan it this week. The fact is, they’re not any better telling the future or the truth than anybody else. Indeed they have a track record that’s often worse, because, get this, anymore they’re always biased in favor of them making more money. From finance and Insurance, Health Care Industries or Energy Co’s, it’s how they primarily analyze it! Always happens. But not just the media, or voices friendly to industry. Take Nuke plants, TEPCO’s Fukushima-Daiichi plants had gone ahead with keeping too much spent fuel and assemblies on site in Unit 4, in order to save money. It was cost cutters made that one worse.

Of course I’m most in favor of severe restrictions on so much corporo-mercenary activity which I see is just as virulent as anything else : isn’t Xe or it’s fraternities already that damn close to the British East India or ‘John Company’ ? Isn’t that what this all could turn into, or are we too late as it is?
Isn’t it just these kinds of unregulated, often illegal, unbridled, morale-crushing champions of the private sector {Boehner and Cantor and Ryan, oh my!} who are saving the world in their mind and costing the taxpayers billions for rambling plantations of bureaucratic-like extensions to industries left so clearly unregulated in our corporato-finance universe? Like the insurance galaxy , or
— look and ohmigod Mitch Daniels sure hearts him some p-haRma blechh–

Instead, which regulation or remodeling could, if done or structured right, save us a ton of money. Especially in the long term of 20-50 years.

– Do we know how much these assholes and their support groups spend on political campaigns?
– Do we know for instance how little they have to spend relatively to smother the airwaves in their neverending relentless ad campaigns about everything they want us to know about or buy?
– Or how they pay their employees to appear on the tube to appear as a rep from some american-sounding front group nobody's heard of and expound on any given topic – soft sell first, then come back later for the hard sell – and not spoonfeed but cement the idea in short-term memory. For triggered recall later on? Agggghh.

Now the response is always 'Hands Off! Government Regulation is Always What Cripple Businesses!'

When in fact government is always what enables business. Always now, everytime especially with the biggest of them.

And we the people had very little say about that.
In most cases, the lobbyists wrote the scripts Congress used to 'explain it' to us!

This feeds into why people don't vote, don't forget!!!

Find out who’s selling that story and why. If they have advertisers, don’t buy the products. If they complain about big government and take gov subsidies, call your congresscritter and ask them why.