Except for a twist of fate on this day in 2005, Cheney would have been our president for 3.5 years.  We owe it all to a faulty grenade that was thrown at George Bush.


May 10, 2005   A hand grenade  thrown by Vladimir Arutinian lands about 65 feet (20 metres) from U.S. President  George W. Bush while he is giving a speech to a crowd in Tbilisi, Georgia,  but it malfunctions and does not detonate.  [Just think how close we were to having Dick Cheney as president of the USA and he would have had 3.5 full years to do a lot of damage.]


QUEEN’S COMMENTS AND FURTHER INTERPRETATIONS OF THE EVENT:  [Additional information on the assassin from Wiki]

Arutyunian was extremely poor and unemployed. He was able to live off money from his mother, who sold tissues. [Great, don’t  you just love it how the “free” market is working so well in Russia?  And it’s gotten even worse. Today an estimated 50% of the population is unemployed in this, the one totally “free” market system in operation on the planet. ]

No clear motive has been reported for the attack. Nonetheless the attack appears to be politically motivated, since Arutyunian testified to his hatred of the Georgian government for being a “puppet” of the US.


The grenade failed to detonate. Although original reports indicated that the grenade was not live, it was later revealed that it was. After Arutyunian pulled the pin and threw the grenade, it hit a girl, cushioning its impact. The red handkerchief remained wrapped around the grenade, and it prevented the striker lever from releasing. A Georgian security officer quickly removed the grenade, and Arutyunian disappeared.

Arutyunian later explained that he threw the grenade “towards the heads” so that “the shrapnel would fly behind the bulletproof glass”. Bush and Saakashvili did not learn of the incident until after the rally. [Wise call on the part of the officials.  George would have probably embarrassed everyone by soiling his pants.  He was such a coward.]

Arutyunian’s Capture

Acting on a tip from a hotline, police raided Arutyunian’s home where he lived alone with his mother on 20 July 2005. During an ensuing gunfight, Arutyunian killed the head of the Interior Ministry’s counterintelligence department, Zurab Kvlividze. He then fled into the woods in the village of Vashlijvari on the outskirts of Tbilisi.  After being wounded in the leg, he was captured by Georgian Special Forces.

DNA samples from the man matched the DNA samples from the handkerchief. Georgian police later found a chemical lab and a stockpile of explosives Arutyunian had built up.20 liters of sulfuric acid, several drawers full of mercury thermometers, a microscope, and “enough dangerous substances to carry out several terrorist acts” were found. [NOTE TO THE REPUBLICANS:  This is why you want to start pushing job creation. It’s not safe for people like you to have people like Arutyunian without employment.  They have too much time on their hands to think about what you are doing to them.]

Arutyunian’s Sentence

Life without Parole.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry