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Being A Democrat – You’re Doing It Wrong

Photo: Pat Arnow

Photo: Pat Arnow

Here is a telling – and not altogether surprising poll result:

Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating among New York Democrats: 56%.

Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating among New York Republicans: 62%.

I guess it must have something to do with his vendetta against public union “special interests” and his faith in tax cuts as a deficit-reduction strategy.

This is the new Democratic Party, taking money from the middle and working classes to fund tax breaks for the wealthy.  What used to be called “Republican” is now called “moderate” and “pragmatic,” or even “courageous.”

It can’t be a good feeling for the Democratic New Yorkers who realize that they’ve just elected a Republican governor and are now stuck with him for the next four years.  I wonder if he’ll be forced to run under the banner of the “New York For Cuomo” party in 2014, or if reverse-Robin-Hood fauxsterity will be the new Democratic normal by then.

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