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I’m battling again (and working) today, so aside from Facebook and Twitter, I’m MIA. But here are some headlines you should click through.

* MBTA to be more careful with religious ads after May 22, assuming any of us survive. (Universal Hub)

The MBTA, which originally said it was removing those end-of-world ads because of a complaint tweet from Greg Arney, now says it’s removing the ads because they were only paid up through the end of the world May.

* Santorum Says He Does ‘Not Approve’ Of Teaching History Of Gay Americans In California Schools (Think Progress)

FANG: I don’t know if you’ve seen the news, but California is adopting in their state curriculum for public education a required teaching of the gay rights movement. Are you troubled by that at all? I know you’ve written and talked about this issue of education.

SANTORUM: Well what I talked about is that there are consequences of the court’s actions and I think the court, by ruling the way they did, has created a precedent that states now have to follow, and some states are going farther others. I certainly would not approve of that, but there’s a logical consequence to the courts injecting themselves in creating rights and people attaching their legislative ideas to those rights that in some respects could logically flow from that. So I’m not surprised.

* NCLR Condemns Uganda’s Shocking Persecution of the LGBT Community (LezGetReal)

A Statement by NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell:

“This bill is a shocking abuse of government power to persecute innocent people. The government is scapegoating the LGBT community in a blatant attempt to distract attention from its repression of all Ugandans. We support the efforts of the LGBT community in Uganda to stand up to this horrific assault, and we call on governments, religious and political leaders around the world to condemn this repugnant bill.”

* Full Steam Ahead In NC: Fighting the Anti-LGBT Constitutional Amendment (HRC)

House Bill 777, considered the lesser of two evils, limits marriage between one man, one woman at one time as opposed to Senate Bill 106 which will also ban domestic partnerships and civil unions.

…ENC has sent out over 30,000 postcards throughout North Carolina. “We’ve got a difficult fight ahead of us, and it’s going to take all the supporters of equal rights across our state to ensure that North Carolina remains the only state in the Southeast without an anti-LGBT marriage amendment written into our constitution,” says Equality North Carolina’s Director of Community Organizing and Outreach, Rebecca Mann.

* South African lesbians targeted in rapes, slayings (AP)

South Africa’s Ministry of Justice announced last week that it wants to open special shelters for people who fear for their lives because of their sexual orientation. But the governing party’s women’s league says the government must go further, and wants to lawmakers to classify these attacks as hate crimes.

The assaults on lesbians have been called “corrective rapes,” and are meant to humiliate and punish women who don’t fit the norm. Some attackers have reportedly said they believed they could “cure” women of being lesbians by raping them, said Vasu Reddy, a researcher at the government’s Human Science Research Council. Victims are even believed to include a 13-year-old girl who was assaulted in Pretoria last week.

* Servicemembers United Statement on Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Expanded DADT Repeal Certification Amendment: Hunter DADT Amendment “Not a Serious Threat

“Despite having served honorably in Iraq, Congressman Hunter is clearly out of touch with the rank and file of the modern military on this issue, and he is even further out of touch with the American people,” said Alexander Nicholson, Executive Director of Servicemembers United. “This issue is settled, and it would take concurrence by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a majority of the full Democratic-controlled Senate, and the President for Congressman Hunter’s amendment to become law. That’s just not going to happen. While it may pass the ever-hostile House Armed Services Committee and may even pass the full House of Representatives, Congressman Hunter’s DADT amendment is not a serious threat given the remaining insurmountable obstacles in place for the remainder of 2011 and 2012.”

* National Organization for Marriage Launches $500,000 Ad Campaign in New York; Pledges $1 Million in 2012 Elections. Brian Brown:

“It’s become quite clear in recent days in New York that Governor Cuomo and same-sex marriage advocates are targeting a select number of Democrat state Senators, as well as some Republicans in their desperate attempt to coerce legislators to support their agenda,” said Brian Brown, President of NOM.  “We want to be sure those courageous Democrats and Republicans who cast their vote of conscience in favor of traditional marriage will have a strong supporter if the radical gay activists come after them in their next election.”

“In Maryland and Rhode Island we just won great victories for marriage.  Our opponents tried to claim that same-sex marriage was inevitable in both of those states.  They were wrong,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president.  “Once our message got out and legislators heard from their constituents, same-sex marriage was stopped dead in its tracks.  We expect the same to happen in New York.”

“Tim Gill and other pro-gay marriage millionaires are funneling money into New York to sell a false bill of goods.  They failed in the last election to flip the legislature, and now they’re trying to convince legislators that they somehow have something to fear if they do the right thing and vote to protect marriage. NOM has defeated every pro-gay marriage Republican we’ve ever targeted, and we’re quite confident we will do so in New York, should that become necessary.”

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