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Still dancing to their crazy tune

Until just recently, and maybe again someday soon, the majority of Republicans believed that the President was not born in the United States. Having been temporarily shamed forced into moving on to other topics, they have, like always turned their dementia on a dime.

In the best-case torturist scenario, Obama did little more than follow the Bush/Cheney mastermind plan. Ridiculous? A Washington Post/Pew Research poll found that 81 percent of Republicans believe that Bush deserves “some credit” for nabbing bin Laden, while only 61 percent say that Obama does

Thus, though this notion, like all these past delusions is, well delusional, it shall be believed nonetheless, and discussed as if a viable and important topic of conversation. Thus, yesterday, on the Sunday chat shows, there were few members of the Obama Administration or Democrats invited — it was almost as if Bush was still President — especially on Dancin’ Dave.

If modern America’s media existed in its current fashion at this time in 1945, FoxNews would be driving a narrative that people forget about the recently departed FDR and give full credit for defeating Hitler where it belonged, with Herbert Hoover.

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