GO HERE TO VIEW THEIR PARTY PLANK: The Islamic Political Party of America

Interesting and certain to set off many Islamaphobic tirades.

However, since I am a strong advocate of separation of church and state, I won’t be supporting this organization or any political parties of Christians should they be formed.

Although I am a Christian, I uphold the Constitutional separation of church and state.

Because you know what? With fundamental fanatics it never ends. For example, if we let the Christians have their way, it would only be a few years before the Methodist and the Baptists would be fighting over which one was the “true” religion, or perhaps it would begin on a broader scale with the Protestants against the Catholics–Did we not see a perfect example of this in Ireland?

If we allowed the Muslims to take over our government, then we would have the Sunni’s and the Shiites battling each other over the “true followers of Mohammad.”

Liz Berry

Liz Berry