Three of the Top Five Highest Paid CEOs in the USA are Media Moguls

Joann S. Lublin reported today in the Wall Street Journal that  CEO PAY JUMPED 11%.

Yes by now, for most of us in this “jobless recovery”, such an announcement is in the “Ho-Hum Category–tell me something new.”

One of the things to note about this news is that 3 of the five highest paid CEOs were not from the legions of the Wall Street banks, but rather from mainstream media.

Now I ask you:  Do you really expect these guardians of the propaganda,  lies and misinformation are going to do anything to upset the status quo apple cart of the rich by focusing on real issues such a job creation, tax breaks for the rich and the crumbling infrastructure in the USA?  Please!  They are card-carrying members in that club.  And not only them, but also the pundits they hire.

Yes we currently have three liberal Don Quixote’s attacking the bulwarks of the rich:  Lawrence O’Donnell; Ed Schultz; and Rachel Maddow. But that’s it for representatives of the “liberal” media that the right-wing continue to insist that dominate the mainstream media.  But if you think that these people will travel outside the fences set up by their bosses, you are mistaken.  Oh they may, after a while, like Keith Olbermann, get fed up with the BS and start pushing back in earnest–and when they do, they will be fired just like Olbermann was.

For crying out loud, MSNBC, the only mainstream media outlet that features liberal pundits, is owned by General Electric–the largest war contractor/profiteer in the world.  They are the ones who, in spite of earning billions of dollars of profit don’t pay a dime in US income tax.


# 1 CEO and President of Viacom Philippe P. Dauman topped the list. He received compensation valued at $84.3 million, more than double his 2009 pay [Son of LIFE photographer Henri Dauman.  He is a graduate of Columbia School of Law. Not surprising that a lawyer is at the top of the heap.]

#2 Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle with $68.6 million comes in second. [Ellison’s $70 million dollar estate in Woodside is modeled after feudal Japanese architecture–fitting considering that his serfs helped him to create his fortune.  And when the company is doing poorly as it was in 1990 the serfs are the first to go.  In 1990 Ellison laid off 10% of Oracle’s workforce–400 people. Appropriate that Ellison purchased the Astor’s Beechwood Mansion the summer home in Newport, Rhode Island as Astor was a robber baron from the gilded age.]

#3 CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, another media mogul, with compensation at $53.9 million came in third. Moonves is the great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. He and his second wife, Julie Chen, 21 years his junior, reside in the hills above Brentwood, California. He divorced his first wife, Nancy, in 2004.  In 2004 he married television and news personality Julie Chen.

#4 Martin E. Franklin, CEO of Jarden came in fourth with $45.2 million. According to a Jarden spokesman said. Its share price has “increased by over 1,000% since Mr. Franklin joined the company in 2001.  Who knows how that was accomplished?  But regardless, the key point here is that the bottom line and the wealth shareholders were served first.

#5 CEO DirecTV Group Michael White came in fifth with an annual salary of $32.6 million. Formerly CEO of PepsiCo International and vice chairman of PepsiCo.  Note:  DirecTV has its own exclusive channel called the 101 Network.  DirecTV has had numerous consumer complaints filed. The Better Business Bureau reported as of June 2010, the 36-month running count of complaints about DirecTV logged with the Better Business Bureau is 39,292, including 8,275 with a response of “Full refund” or “Partial refund”, 15,519 with a response of “Agreeing to perform according to their contract”, 15,085 with a response of “Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement”, and 405 with a response of “Refusing to make an adjustment”.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry