It has been great to see the extremist press going into damage control this past week. They are livid because George “Asleep at the Switch on 9-11” Bush had 7 years to get Osama Bin Laden and failed. Not only had he and his extremist friends failed to protect America on the eve of 9-11, they failed to decapitate Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the opening days of the Afghanistan war. They failed after Katrina hit New Orleans. They made a mess of invading Iraq, and fiddled as our economy hit an iceberg. This extremist right wing, which now dominates the Republican party, does not believe that government can be nor should be competent, and they are trying to undermine the government by any means to prove that their weirdo ideas are correct. The end game for them is privatizing and killing Social Security and Medicare, so that we will all have to live in fear and kowtow to the wealthy and the corporations.

That these extremists would attack the legitimacy of a sitting President during war time, based on wacko rumors of foreign birth, is bad enough. Now, in a moment of unqualified victory for our President, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, they are on the ropes. They understand but can not admit that this is a result of simple Obama competency and diligence. Obama did not succeed now because of Bush’s opening moves in Afghanistan, or his torture policy at Guantanamo or Abu Graibe, Obama succeeded in spite of these Bush failures of tactics, policy and morality.

Just as Obama has increased dramatically the number of troops in Afghanistan, he increased the number of drone strikes and the number of special operations attacks against the enemy; in just the past year there have been 11,500 Special Operations in Afghanistan that have killed or captured over 12,000 of the enemy in 12 months. This has been done without drama and without fanfare. Demonstrating quiet competency, he buckled down and led his team to do the job right. Nothing could be further from Bush’s “bring ‘em on” swagger and tax payer funded escapades of being flown to an aircraft carrier in a fighter plane to announce “Mission Accomplished”. Obama understood that the quarterback is not supposed to make it into the end zone.

The extremist media, led by Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, is far too sophisticated to attack our President directly right now. So while paying lip service to the President’s success, they are shifting the news coverage to the Bush administration by interviewing Rumsfeld, Cheney, John “Torture Memo” Yoo, Wolfowitz and countless other extremists about how torture was an essential part of this success, or why we need to release the photos of Bin Laden’s corpse, or how this Spring’s Arab uprisings are somehow connected to Bush’s policies. Their political coverage is overwhelmingly about Bush era policies. After the Super Bowl, you are not supposed to interview the losers, you are supposed to interview the winners.

How deep their hatred must run.