Kinda Like Nip/Tuck Meets The Biggest Loser Via The Beverly Hilbillies

Oh Jesus … must I?

Sigh. Fine. Whatever.

Recently refurbished Bristol Palin, who is a popular with  the kind of people who find Paris Hilton too erudite, has failed, well not exactly upward, but kind of down and slightly to the side by landing yet another reality show:

The daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is set to star in a new docu-series for the BIO network, in which she moves in with “Dancing With the Stars,” cast mate Kyle Massey and his brother Christopher. According to BIO’s press release, the series, set to air in late 2011, “follows Bristol Palin’s move from Alaska to Los Angeles with her son, Tripp, to work at a small charity in need while living with her good friends Chris and Kyle Massey.”

So, for the “reality show” Bristol Palin is going to pretend to move to LA from Wasilla when everyone already knows that she already left Alaska’s frigid meth capital for the hot (but it’s a dry heat) barren hellhole that is Maricopa. Arizona. Once in LA she will “live” with a couple of  brothers, one of whom used to be some kind of Disney monster:

Cory is an aspiring businessman. He is shown to be obsessed with money, and often creates “get-rich-quick” schemes behind his parents’ backs, in which he always gets into trouble. Cory also has a close relationship with his pet rat, Lionel.

Just like Bristol!

The catch being that the brothers are  actually “brothers” or, as Sarah Palin might call them “nice young Kenyan boys”, so we can expect lots of cultural clashes as well as hilarious hijinks, one of which will result is the addition of a new cast member, (likely to be named Mocha Chino Palin) in Season 2.

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