It is outrageous that Obama hasn’t yanked Simpson’s a$$ off that committee, but he hasn’t because Obama is gaming the American people.  Obama is the one who appointed Simpson to this committee.  He knew what Simpson stood for when the appointed him. Obama’s strategy is to have this outrageous buffoon rant and rave and scare the American people to the point that we will settle for whatever lame a$$ solution that Obama and his administration had in mind in the first place such as raising the age to 70 and calling it a “compromise.”

Obama is Bud Abbott and Simpson is Lou Costello.
But the whole “problem” with social security is the same problem as with our national debt. We are where we are today because the rich have been free-loading for the past 30 years.

Social Security funding issues could be solved with one line of Legislation:  “All Americans will now pay Social Security tax on ALL of their income. Currently only those of us who earn less than $107,000 a year must may SS tax on 100% of our income.”

The arrogant rich like to tell us they don’t need it.  Well, they should talk to some of Bernie Madoff and Enron’s victims.  Many of these people never thought they would need Social Security either and some of them are glad they have it.


You would think that Obama would know better, but he plays the good ole boy game as well as the rest of them.  As William Greider pointed out back in August, “Senator Guttermouth should have been turned out to pasture years ago, but instead he was given a teaching post at Harvard [Obama’s alma mater] and Barack Obama made him co-chair of the President’s bipartisan commission on reducing the federal deficits.

How about if we take away Guttermouth’s government tit from him.  He gets a retirement benefit from the U.S. taxpayers that is about 9 times that of the Average Social security retiree and he didn’t pay a dime into it.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry

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