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Let’s Pick Detours, Again: Acoustic Dead

I’ll get back to The Mac Series soon, but here’s yet another sidetrip detour as we ride the music.

I’ve heard this tune by The Dead many times in my time amongst SF Rock Halls N Peninsula Clubs. Many electric versions, many acoustic versions.

This one is easily one of the best I never saw.

Aside from it just being a great version, Jerry just goes ape from about 3:18 in thru about 6:40 with a steel string acoustic git solo. He really rips some flurries @ about 6:35 or so.

N as one last thought about them boys, I’m beginnin to think that Garcia/Weir mighta been at times, one of the greatest harmony duets of all time . . . n ya just don’t hear people talkin about them that way. They should.

Let’s Pick!

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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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