There is the Green Party and its candidates. And, in the state of Texas, the Green Party Candidates will be on the Texas ballot in 2012.  If  you or a friend are interested in running for office, check them out. Green parties are growing stronger in European countries in the past 10 years.  For example, the Green Party captured two German states in their elections this spring.  Color 2012 in the USA Green.

There is also another party that is forming called the “Labor Party”.  Nearly all civilized nations of the world have a labor party except for the USA.  Over the years, various grassroots parties of the people have eventually merged with the Democratic Party.  But the Democratic Party has changed.

Quoting from the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor site:

Millions of Americans poured onto the streets during the 2008 election with a burning desire for change. They sincerely hoped that Obama’s policies would be fundamentally different. But the results are in: more of the same. As Dennis Van Roekel, President of the National Education Association put it: “This is not the change I hoped for.”

The fact is, both the Democrats and the Republicans are controlled by the tiny minority that lives off the wealth it gets by exploiting the workers. It should therefore come as no surprise that despite this or that difference on this or that issue, they promote and implement policies that benefit the interests of their largest financial contributors. Without a mass political party of our own to defend our interests, workers are forced to fight against the attacks of big business with one hand tied behind our backs.

If you feel that way please go to CMPL and join.  There are local groups springing up all over the USA.


This short cartoon clearly explains why workers in the United States need to follow every other advanced industrialized country and build our own party: a mass party of labor.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry