We are tapping every telephone in America, supposedly to fight the War on Terror, but domestically, this “war” on terror is a war on our constitution and civil liberties, our right to privacy. Homeland in Security loses its justification when the terrorist threats dissolve in the dust.

They are tapping every telephone in America, and storing the contents of every call, so when your off spring graduates and looks for a job in a government agency they, the “name check” profilers can go back and listen to every word spoken for the last number of years, to judge whether your off spring will be a devil’s advocate in favor of the status quo, or someone with deep belief in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Someone loosely connected to al Qaeda parked a station wagon in Times Square and who stopped the event from happening. . . . a regular citizen – not an F Be Eye. In each case the so-called protectors, our government bureaucracy failed. The underpants bomber was stopped by the passengers! The back pack bomb in Seattle was uncovered by alert city workers, not F be Eye or Home Land in Security.

We must DEMAND the return of our constitutional rights or remove all 535 representatives, at once, in the next election. I can imagine their fascist response their toilet mouthing of crap about national security.

Homeland in Security people are going from city to city preaching fear making presentations to students and police departments and then, after the presentations they explain to the officers on the beats, when there is a traffic accident, find the innocent party guilty especially if they are older, and the guilty younger speeder innocent – then they owe you a favor, and you can ask them for names of fellow workers you can pass to us in Homeland to do name checks. We get names, your department get points, and you get a few extra bucks, and we have names to check .

I’m not making it up. Get your Pulitzer Prize. Start checking at the traffic courts. The lady behind the window where you pay will tell you there are so many people being found guilty who were / are innocent. What the heck – its a fender bender violation one is guilty – why keep getting the wrong party.

The insurance companies know it is happening, too. Everywhere, so they have names to check. Very Hoover fascist F be eye sing ‘Anything you can do i can do better,’ East German Stassi Lite.

Homeland in Security with F be Eye will squander a couple hundred million dollars on “name checks.” That is how they are getting the names to shackle. I am the poetprophet, an independent black listed unknown write-in candidate for president.