Within the space of a few days, Orlando Bosch died,  Osama  Bin laden  was shot in the head,  and 8 more people were killed (without a trial) in Pakistan by US Drone attack.  Orlando Bosch died an old man of  84  years  (April 27th) in Florida a few days ago.  By all accounts this man met any and all definitions of Terrorist.  Bosch worked with the CIA to blow up a Cuban Airliner killing all on board.  We have snuffed out the lives of millions around the world in the name of our fake war on a tactic, while at the same time using it when it serves our needs.

Orlando Bosch

Professor William Odom, formerly President Reagan’s NSA Director wrote:

“As many critics have pointed, out, terrorism is not an enemy. It is a tactic. Because the United States itself has a long record of supporting terrorists and using terrorist tactics, the slogans of today’s war on terrorism merely makes the United States look hypocritical to the rest of the world.”

Cuban Five:

The Cuban Five (Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González) These five men were accused by our government of committing and then convicted of espionage against the US.  The five in their defense pointed out that they were  monitoring the actions of Miami-based terrorist groups, in order to prevent  attacks on their country. In other words, these men were part of the “War on Terror”, but on our side.  All five men are serving life sentences.

Terrorist  Training  Camps:

“School of the Americas at Fort Benning (reorganized in 2001 as Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation), a U.S. training institution mainly for Latin American state security officials, is a terrorist training ground.”

Terrorism Defined:

“For scholars, the primary ethics debate over the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,[34] relate to whether the use of the nuclear weapons were justified. Psychologist Chris Stout and former U.S. ambassador Robert Keeley consider the atomic bombings to be a form of state terrorism, based on a definition of terrorism as the targeting of civilians to achieve a political goal.”

I recall the Bush administration telling us about a “mushroom cloud”  being an unthinkable act of evil if   the  terrorist got   their hands on nukes.  I guess America can say,  “been there, and done that!”

Unlike Osama Bin Laden’s retirement plan: bullet in the head while preparing for bed,  Orlando Bosch died an old man in the comfort of his home. It would seem Terrorism and crime does pay, if you find yourself on the winning side.