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Gaddafi The War Criminal

After reading many front-paged posts about how terrible it is to help the grassroots rebellion against Gaddafi and how awful it was to target Gaddafi and his family–which mostly ignore the fact that Gaddafi and his family command and control his military forces thereby making him and his sons legitimate targets, and making Gaddafi the most blameworthy for the deaths of young family members because he stupidly had his family with him in the bunker during a time of war– I have yet to read one post about the brutality of Gaddafi’s forces and their murderous rampage against innocent civilians.

Since the cheering for Gaddafi at FDL ignores his crimes, maybe a report from the respected  Amnesty International detailing Gaddafi’s war crimes might cause some to get past their anti-imperialist ideology and oppose the war criminal Gaddafi.

Or maybe an opinion article by a respected Palestinian journalist in Al Jazeera might sway some here against the psychopathic Gaddafi.

And for all those who dismiss any western reports as biased, taking the reports from the Libyan government as gospel truth; how about this reporter just back from Tripoli ridiculing the Gaddafi propagandists masquerading as Libyan Journalists.

While I certainly understand that some people will not support any American/NATO  military action, how can any fair-minded person do anything but recoil in horror and at least oppose the brutal criminality of the Gaddafi regime?  Whatever happened to taking the side of the regular people, the underdogs who are being massacred by a brutal megalomaniacal psychopathic dictator?  You don’t have to support American Imperialism to support the removal of Gaddafi.  But even then, it’s certainly possible that an empire might be right on occasion in who they target.

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