Usama bin Laden: Profile of a Coward

He’s dead.  Enough said.

Except for this.  Osama Bin Laden lived in a well stocked “compound” (that’s military for “mansion”) for the last five years of his life, sipping on Coke and Pepsi, whiling away his time on what I am sure was state of the art computer equipment.

While he sent men, women, and boys to die for God and the cause, he smoked pot (marijuana plants were found growing right near the wall of his compound).  While thousands of his devoted followers lived in poverty, Bin Laden was wallowing in privileged seclusion, in his own little gated community.  He asked his followers to live in caves and in the open fields, and all the time, the closest he got to roughing it was living without a phone line, which in my house would be considered a blessing.

Usama bin Laden was a hypocrite, a coward, and a charlatan.  He posed for the world as a holy man, but he was nothing more than a con man, swindling thousands out of hard-earned money, time, and even their lives.

I suspected that this was the case for years.  He hid for more than a decade while he sent young boys out to die fruitlessly against the strongest army this world has ever known.  There are claims that we had him pinned down at Tora Bora, but I’m guessing bin Laden was never there.  It just wasn’t his style.  I know we see all sorts of videos of him aiming guns and walking, but in those videos he’s always dressed differently than everyone else around him, and I’ve yet to see video of him actually conversing with a person.  He liked to preach, but you never see him smiling at a joke or just talking with a friend.  All we see are images of bin Laden holding court.

Court is adjourned, Mr. bin Laden.  You’ve been convicted, and your punishment is death.

Even now, there is a rumor that he shoved his wife at the SEAL who killed him in an effort to make her take his bullet.  I’m not sure if that rumor is true, but it would fit bin Laden’s profile.

The profile of a coward.

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