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Geronimo,  the  Apache chief who fought our government and died a prisoner of war. By any measure this man was an enemy of the US government.  The Apache braves fought the US government with such  fierceness they have become the stuff of  Legend.

The Native  American community seem to be outraged that Geronimo’s name was used by the Obama administration (code name) in the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.  Like the people of the South who try and recast the Confederacy as something other than mass treason, the Native American community attempts to rewrite history and  present Geronimo as someone other than who he was. I find it strange that the Native American Community did not seemed as outraged when  “Apache”  helicopters commit “collateral murder?” Without sugar coating it, Geronimo and his Apache braves were extremely violent enemies who killed many US Soldiers.

Ironically, Geronimo had more in common with the people we now slaughter in the Middle East than he did with the  “white man.”   Both peoples were (are) fighting to protect their natural resources.  One group has been totally defeated (pacified)  in body and in spirit, while the other while doomed still fights on.

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