Friday Night Random Ten

I’ll Fight – Wilco
Are You Down – Lucinda Williams
If He Can’t Have You – Whiskeytown
My Time – Minus the Bear
El Caporal – My Morning Jacket
My Back Pages – The Byrds
There She Goes, My Beautiful World – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Waltz #2 (Xo) – Elliott Smith
Johnny Hit and Run Paulene – X
Amplifier – the dB’s
and #11 because this one of my best ones ever…
Saint-Saëns: Havanaise In E, Op. 83 – Yo=Yo Ma & various artists

Well, yeah, that would make sense….

So. Heard anything new lately worth speaking of ….. besides this:

Meanwhile, Stapp and co-author David Ritz are “about 100 pages in” on “Exposed and Released: The Confessions of Scott Stapp,” which the singer, the stepson of a strict Pentecostal minister, says is “not written from a Christian perspective” but will chronicle the spiritual issues he’s grappled with throughout his life and in his music.

“It’s going to be constantly interrelated with the realities of God’s grace and love and miracles, and how they happen in the weirdest ways and how they happen to all of us,” Stapp notes. “It’s definitely a cathartic process for me, and I really hope that those who read it can walk away knowing more about my life…but also the grace of God. If we can accomplish that, that would be a blessing.”

Jesus barfed…

On the other hand, if this gets it own chapter, I will have much respect for him…

Anyway, so the guy who was so spiritually affected by The Passion of the Christ is now hightailing it to Gainesville to tag a piece of ass he met in an airport bar. And he’s having his ghettotastic hootchie skanky Jersey girl sleaze of a sister drive him. Yes, Creed is making his sister drive him to the Gainesville Denny’s for a booty call.

Tell me more, tell me more…

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