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Who are the Suicide Bombers?

Who are  the suicide bombers?  Are they young, frustrated Muslim  males chasing their divine wind (Kamikaze)?  Are they mostly Sunni or Shia (I heard Sunni)?  Have they been duped by evil men of power to throw their lives away?  What percentage of these human bombs have had their loved ones destroyed by our awesome killing machines?  Like the Norsemen of old, are they the mentally ill being used as Berserkers?   Who are these people?

While living in Gallup, New Mexico for a total of 15 months my wife and I came in contact with the Navajo,  and Hopi.  We visited the reservations and got to know and understand (as well as any outsider could) the people .  Imagine the worst part of the poorest city near you and you will not come close to the conditions these proud people live in.  The young people have little opportunities (other than the military)  a totally beaten and subdued people, their way of life seems to be fading into the background of history.

I met a young  Navajo male with a shirt that said,  “Homeland Security Since 1800.”  Many of the Navajo near Gallup beg for money, or sell trinkets on street corners.  I, being a SciFi fan, wondered if in some alternate reality could there be young  frustrated Navajo men strapping bombs to themselves, fighting a hopeless battle that can never be won?  For many, their only resource is to join the military to gain short-term income and a chance at further education.

Like the Navajo, the natural resources of the people of the Middle East have been hi-jacked and turned over to multi-national corporations (global welfare).  Also, like the natives of this continent they too will eventually be pacified.  All they can do is sit by, generation after generation, and watch any hope of a future be consumed by the global corporate eating machine.

Ironically, the very wealth we extract from them is being used to oppress them (our military industrial complex).  At best, they and their children will only be used as cheap labor in a Neo-Liberal Utopian,  or  Cannon fodder in wars of conquest of others like themselves.

Could the above come close to understanding  why a living, thinking human being unlike ourselves be talked into strapping a bomb on themselves to seek a solution?  There is a much simpler and less cerebral explanation: we  call it Terrorism.