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Mike Pence and Imaginary Friend Announce Run for Indiana Governor

Congressman Mike Pence, announcing from Washington that the governor’s seat in Indiana is his next career step, may have an imaginary friend he’s bringing along. He certainly got caught up in the first person plural construction so favored by Queen Elizabeth and the Pope:

“Our reasons for entering this race are really two-fold,” Pence said. “First, as lifelong Hoosiers, we love this state. … The opportunity to lead the good and great people of this state would be the greatest privilege of our lives. Second, we believe our state is on the verge of an era of growth and opportunity like no other in our lifetime.”

Surely such a staunch GOP isn’t suggesting that Hoosiers will get a ‘twofer,’ a deal first proposed for the White House by the Clintons? Just whose and Mike’s reasons is he talking about? Was the conversation about these reasons of ‘theirs’ a long one?

Entirely too much royal ‘WE,’ Mike. Better try to sound like a man of the people and, oh, as the Indiana Democratic Party Chair pointed out, really bad optics announcing your campaign from DC.

“That’s the kind of attitude that makes it impossible to get things done. A vitriolic critic with a megaphone does not a quality executive make, and he’d bring everything that’s wrong with Washington back to Indiana,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker. “Hoosiers cherish compromise, and we need leadership that can go beyond party lines.”

Let’s hope Mike kept the flak jacket he wore during his Shorja market visit in Baghdad — I’ve heard those Indiana summer market are just like Shorja! Maybe he can borrow McCain’s for his Imaginary Friend.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge