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Dancehall performer Sizzla calls for “execution of gays” April 24, 2011

Sizzla Kolonji 2005 Photo: Caspiax Public Domain (Creative Commons)


Jamaican dancehall performer Sizzla Kolonji (real name Miguel Collins) is well known for his “kill LGBT” songs and comments from the stage.

Sizzla and some of his songs are in the “Dancehall Dossier” at

At the “Coke Zero Live on the Waterfront” dancehall night on April 24th, 2011, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sizzla “called for the execution of gays and launched into a vulgar and riotous rendition of the not fit for airplay Buju Banton song ‘Boom Bye Bye.'” “Sizzla also snubbed his nose at any possible negative consequences for his heinous performance, daring the promoters, police, or anyone for that matter to sanction him.”

Quoted material is from my source.

This isn’t the first time that Coca Cola has sponsored “kill LGBT” performers at music festivals in Jamaica. In July 2010, Coca Cola was one of the sponsors of “Reggae Sumfest 2010,” also in Montego Bay. “Reggae Sumfest 2010” featured “kill LGBT” dancehall performers Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Mavado.

Currently, Sizzla is among the Jamaican dancehall performers including Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Mavado, who cannot get visas to perform in the U.S.

Sizzla has a history of arrests, but not convictions, for firearms-related offenses in Jamaica. There is a good chance that these arrests and his general reputation, will keep him out of the U.S. for some time.

Sizzla Kolonji is a member of the “ultra-orthodox” Bobo Dread mansion of Rastafari, along with Capleton.

Sizzla is a strong advocate of repatriation of blacks to Africa. In 2010, he allegedly accepted the gift of a farm from brutal dictator Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Sizzla announced that he was moving to his farm in Zimbabwe.  See

It appears that Sizzla has changed his mind about moving to Zimbabwe, but he still visits.

I am sure that if we contact Coca Cola about this, they will say that it was the local (Jamaican) Coca Cola bottler who sponsored this “Coke Zero Live on the Waterfront” event in Montego Bay. Sizzla is well-known for his outspoken views on homosexuality and his calls for lynching of LGBT people. Coca Cola and its Jamaican bottler should know better.

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