If there’s one thing I can say about Osama bin Laden’s death, it’s that the repercussions throughout American society provide enough material for writers to give daily insights into it. It has really pushed the institutional “War on Terror” to the forefront, though it definitely does not look like it will end it.

Something I have noticed is that American news coverage is turning into the “official story” vs. “conspiracy theory.” It’s especially conspicuous with bin Laden’s death, with camps dividing into “he died like the Barack Obama administration said he did” people and “everyone else.”

Now, it’s interesting that people who support the Administration line on what happens apparently know the government has been wrong and lied or at least, hasn’t been quite truthful about things in the past, as well as the death of bin Laden.

Let’s look at what we have:

1. We went from an armed bin Laden going down fighting on Monday to an unarmed bin Laden who “might have” been reaching for a weapon on Tuesday. We also went from a dead wife to a wounded wife.

2. While we apparently have photos of bin Laden, the government is not coming out with them, due to fear of violent reprisals. Never mind that the images of civilians blown to bits at the end of NATO and American bombs make their way into Mideast papers every day (American newspapers are very self-censoring when it comes to violent images).

3. The body was thrown into the sea, apparently with Muslim funerary custom, though it wasn’t actually in line with any customs.

4. The US also had no problem allowing photos of Saddam Hussein’s dead sons to be released, nor did they try to stop images of his execution from getting out. Why is bin Laden an exception?

5. There’s also all the previous news over the last 10 years about his death. Several of these stories have their sources with intelligence workers from various countries. With no images and an ever-changing story, it’s something that is bound to raise suspicions in the minds of some.

Now, taking these sort of things into account, questioning the White House’s story doesn’t sound so nutty after all. Considering the behavior of our leaders in the past (Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq’s WMDs, Iran-Contra) it’s pretty obvious that they’re willing to lie and manipulate the public. Not taking this into account and following party line religiously really sounds more nuts than asking questions.

Now, this isn’t just an attack on Democrats, the Republicans are guilty of this too. Both sides have problems endemic to the current US system, which is built on amassing international power, controlling resources and expanding its corporations.

Knowingly not taking that into account just because your guy is in power or because of the occasional unified front the parties put on to generate broad support for wars or fear of terrorism, is just crazy to me.

Dystopia Joe

Dystopia Joe