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Sean Hannity Claims Capture of bin Laden “Almost the Opposite” of What Obama Campaigned On in 2008

(by whizchickenonabun)

These poor wingnuts. They just can’t figure out how to criticize the Black Jimmy Carter for killing The Greatest Terrorist Evah.

HANNITY: I agree but this is where I find myself a little conflicted here because this is almost the opposite of what candidate Obama said he would do. And maybe for the first time he’s grown in office.

GIULIANI: He did say one thing as a candidate, I remember because I was running —

HANNITY: About going into Pakistan.

GIULIANI: About going into Pakistan, Afghanistan, putting emphasis on that. So, he did carry that out. And look, a lot of the techniques that the Bush administration used, they are continuing to use.


As I pointed out yesterday, Obama explicitly stated in 2007 he would go into Pakistan to strike terrorist targets — and McCain, Palin and Bush all blasted him for it.

Sure, Rudy had to throw in the BS about torture. But you know your right-wing propaganda has gone too far when Rudy Freaking Giuliani corrects you. Live, on Faux News.

So good.

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