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These poor wingnuts. They just can’t figure out how to criticize the Black Jimmy Carter for killing The Greatest Terrorist Evah.

HANNITY: I agree but this is where I find myself a little conflicted here because this is almost the opposite of what candidate Obama said he would do. And maybe for the first time he’s grown in office.

GIULIANI: He did say one thing as a candidate, I remember because I was running —

HANNITY: About going into Pakistan.

GIULIANI: About going into Pakistan, Afghanistan, putting emphasis on that. So, he did carry that out. And look, a lot of the techniques that the Bush administration used, they are continuing to use.


As I pointed out yesterday, Obama explicitly stated in 2007 he would go into Pakistan to strike terrorist targets — and McCain, Palin and Bush all blasted him for it.

Sure, Rudy had to throw in the BS about torture. But you know your right-wing propaganda has gone too far when Rudy Freaking Giuliani corrects you. Live, on Faux News.

So good.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan