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As I’ve sat here and watched what I consider to be intelligent, level-headed people behave like bloodthirsty, Orwellian patriots over Bin Laden’s death, I wonder why no one is asking the really important question: Is the amount of civilian life we snuffed out and ruined worth the cost of killing one man, no matter how evil he was? In my opinion, no, and fuck no.  Several  9/11’s worth of death, but it doesn’t seem to matter, because they’re halfway across the world, they don’t believe in the same Man In The Sky, and hey, they make their women wear these funny suits, so fuck ’em. Then, of course, we’re treated to a very serious looking press conference, from our very serious president/mass murderer/protector of other mass murderers, who tells us how awesome he is and, and of course, America is, for being able to bomb the shit out of innocent people just to catch one man. Fuck them all, I need to stop now, before I vomit.

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