Generally, I do like Newsy’s breadth of reporting, however, I did question this particular pile of Poo…

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin believes the new united Palestine leaves the United States with only one logical move.

“If Obama were savvy he’d understand that progress is utterly impossible now, cut aid to maintain our leverage with the Palestinians … Whether he will take this opportunity as an escape hatch to move away from his overblown and unrealistic goal of brokering a peace deal is far from clear, however.”

Rubin and the WaPoo are such AIPAC tools…! *gah*

Anyways, from today’s Haaretz…

Netanyahu: Israel won’t negotiate with Palestinian version of al-Qaida

Israeli premier attempting to lobby European leaders against Hamas-Fatah reconciliation; ‘To Abbas I say – leave the podium and come back to path of peace. To Hamas I don’t say anything’, declares Netanyahu.

…In the wake of the Palestinian agreement, however, Netanyahu is now lobbying his European counterparts against the Hamas-Fatah deal in a bid to explain what he sees as the dangerous ramifications of the reconciliation.

Netanyahu’s message may not be getting across as clearly as he hopes. British Foreign Secretary William Hague cautiously welcomed the Fatah-Hamas rapprochement earlier this week, though he warned that Britain would “judge everyone by their actions.”

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said recently – after meeting with Abbas in Paris last month – that formally recognizing an independent Palestinian state was indeed an option France was “considering,”

Observers close to the parties expect Cameron and Sarkozy to listen politely to their guest, but reserve immediate judgment. The European leaders, say the observers, will also expect Netanyahu to come up his own vision of peace – and not just criticize moves of the Palestinians.

Oops, so much for reserving judgement…

…David Cameron last night warned Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu that the UK is prepared to recognise an independent Palestine at a United Nations meeting in September…

Bibi’s scared shitless…

Netanyahu: Hamas-Fatah unity pact is a victory for terrorism
Premier calls reconciliation of rival Palestinian faction a ‘mortal blow to peace’; outgoing Shin Bet chief Diskin: Fear of unity deal is blown out of proportion.

…Netanyahu’s concern regarding the deal was not shared by all senior officials in Israel. Outgoing Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin said Wednesday that reactions to the reconciliation between have been blown out of proportion.
“There have been attempts at reconciliation for a long time, as has the blame game between Fatah and Hamas, with each side blaming the other for the failure of the deal,” Diskin told reporters in Tel Aviv, though he refused to answer questions pertaining to the severity of politicians’ warnings regarding the deal.

Hamas accepted the current deal with Fatah following years of rejection, Diskin said, adding that the group had taken a “tactical, not a strategic, move” in agreeing to Fatah’s draft.

Diskin attributed Hamas’ change of heart to concern in the wake of developments in the region – particularly the potential collapse of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. […]

The Fatah-Hamas deal is rife with clauses that may be difficult to implement, Diskin said, “In the years to come I expect to see a real reconciliation on the ground. For this to happen, there must be joint security mechanisms: Hamas representation in the West Bank, and Fatah representation in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Bibi’s truly f*cked…

World pressuring Israel not to block Palestinian tax funds

Tony Blair says the U.S. has laws that would not allow the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority if the new government fails to abide by the Quartet’s conditions.

…Both United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Quartet envoy Tony Blair have spoken to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and requested the funds be allowed through…

Oh snap…!

It should also be noted that the two most militarized factions in Gaza, had extended the olive branch: Hamas, Islamic Jihad pledge to honor truce with Israel under unity government…

And even today…

Hamas says prepared to give peace with Israel ‘another chance’

At reconciliation ceremony with Fatah, Hamas leader Meshaal says Israel does not seem ready for peace, urges world to ‘stand with us’.

Remember, it wasn’t just Hamas and Fatah, but, also 11 other separate factions that had signed the Unity Agreement…

Here’s the Text of the Agreement between Fatah and Hamas…

Now, looking ahead at the potential candidates for Abu Mazen’s slot, Ma’an published this slate…

The candidates have been identified as follows:

Munib Al-Masri Billionaire philanthropist and unity activist from Nablus, who spearheaded a unity push with business owners and independent leaders in the West Bank, traveling more than once to Gaza to meet with figures there. He heads PEDECO, a Palestinian investment firm.

Ziad Abu Amer Legislative Council member, author and former foreign minister from Gaza City who earned his masters degree in comparative politics from Georgetown University in Washington DC. He was first elected to the PLC in 1996.

Abed Al-Karim Shubeir Former independent presidential candidate in the 2005 elections, where he garnered 2.6 percent of the popular vote, coming in fourth after Abbas, Mustafa Barghouthi and Taysir Khald.

Jamal Al-Khudari Gaza independent and former minister, elected to the Legislative Council in 2006. He has been active in the unity push.

A second source in Cairo said that President Mahmoud Abbas would suggest that current caretaker Prime Minister Salam Fayyad retain his role, and see through the plan of the 13th government to build the institutions of a Palestinian state by September.

The source said Fayyad was also supported by a handfull of other factions.

A sixth name was also put forward.

Kamaleen Shaath President of the Islamic University in Gaza and member of the National Reconciliation Committee.

As the new transitional government is appointed, Fatah lawmaker and member of its revolutionary council Faisal Abu Shalha told Ma’an that a session of the currently defunct Legislative Council is expected in the coming weeks.

Dayam, I didn’t think there was such a thing as a Palestinian Billionaire…!

Now, would this be a mere coincidence…?

Netanyahu due for May 20 White House talks

President Barack Obama will host Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for Oval Office talks on May 20, with the stalled Middle East peace process expected to top the agenda.

“The leaders look forward to discussing the full range of issues of mutual interest to the United States and Israel,” the White House said in a statement.

Two days before the start of the annual AIPAC confab and/or the Joint Session of Congress address…?

…Netanyahu will likely address Congress on May 22, when he will be in the U.S. to participate in the conference of pro-Israel lobby AIPAC…

Remember, Bibi, talk still is cheap…!