White House: bin Laden unarmed during assault

So he didn’t have a weapon, as the initial lies said. No, ‘our guys’ deliberately killed an unarmed Osama Bin Laden (emphasis added):

U.S. special forces set out to kill Osama bin Laden and dump his body in the sea to make it harder for the al Qaeda founder to become a martyr, U.S. national security officials told Reuters on Monday.

This was a kill operation,” one of the officials said.

Do _those_ reasons justify killing an unarmed man? (There’s another way to prevent Bin Laden becoming a martyr, of course …) Hey, it’s good Bin Laden never got an opportunity to publicize his ideology during a fair trial. But I believe, like any sane and decent person, that he should have been granted that trial! What has happened to us Americans? Yes, during such a trial some would be impressed by his words, but many more would be inspired by the ideology implicit in offering him a fair trial.

Do we have faith in democracy, free competition of ideas, and justice anymore? Or is it better just to kill those with the ‘wrong’ ideas?

You deliberately kill someone because you have to, because he’s pointing a gun at you. You know, like the initial lies about the assault said. In fact the liars through their lies recognize that shooting an unarmed man is one of the ultimate wrongs.

But why do we Americans, especially our cops and soldiers, do it? And _way_ more often than a ‘civilized’ people would, the phenomenon getting worse and worse, especially since 9/11.

Why are we terrorists too?

One of his wives, also apparently unarmed, was shot as well, though she didn’t die:

One of bin Laden’s wives tried to rush the commandos and was shot in the leg.

[Update: Later apparently-less-lying reports state she rushed to shield/protect her husband and that’s ‘why’ she was shot.]

Do you think the body-armored-up-the-wazoo commando was scared of Bin Laden’s wife? No, I don’t think so either. Just doing what’s ‘normal’ now, shooting an unarmed woman in the leg.

In addition to bin Laden, one of his sons was killed in the raid, Brennan said. … Also killed were the courier, and the courier’s wife and brother, U.S. intelligence officials believe.

How many of those deaths were also the deliberate killing of unarmed men and women?