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Our Empire Struck back

Most in this country will never admit it but we are an empire and have been for a while.  Funny thing, we (like the Romans and British) allows ourselves the personal pride of being consumers (not citizens) in the “greatest country on the face of the earth”, yet take none of the responsibility for her darker side.  The new “master race has been repackaged and is now being sold as “American exceptionalism.”

the killing of Osama bin Laden is a testament to American exceptionalism. For all the predictions of our economic demise, and for all the political and fiscal challenges we face as a country, our global might and our collective resiliency remain unrivaled.”

Empire Strikes Back

I once read an account from a Roman explaining in detail what it felt like to be a citizen of Rome. Even though this person was near the bottom of the pecking order and just above being a slave himself, he took great pride in his newly won citizenship. The man explained that even though he considered himself but a mere speck in the sands of time being part of the body that was Rome set him apart from the rest of humanity and connected him to the Gods themselves! God Bless America.

Even here at FDL what most of America might call a left wing sink hole someone offered to buy the guy who put the bullet in Osama’s head a beer. As you know I personally have doubts about this whole “kill Osama and hide the body” scenario, but that being said, why would anyone want to reward a tax payer funded government employee for making us a country of men and not laws? I understand the need to live vicariously down the gun barrel of others, but what of the rule of law?

To answer the obvious (but somewhat lame) question; no, I do not hate America. No more than I hate Rome, the British Empire of any other dysfunctional institutionalize global Pirates masquerading as societies.  I fear them!  Not so much for myself, but for all the human minds yet unborn who we will exploit and traumatize.   Empires take the bulk of humanities creativity  and grinds  it down to cheap labor.  I can not help but wonder sometimes where we as a race (the human race) would have been if it were not for these parasitical concoctions we call Empires?  Like Rome and England it was the “little people” that did the killing and the work.  Like it or not, without us it (empire) could not be done!

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