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Osama Bin Laden and 9/11: I don’t buy it!

This bullcrap announcement of killing Osama actually accomplishes several things:

1. It’s a distraction to the resurfacing of Obama’s citizenship by Donald Trump.

2. It gives the families of their 9/11 victims a reprehensibly false sense of closure. I feel so bad for those people because 9/11 was a demolition job done by our own government and Silverstein simply out of greed at any cost to anyone else. I’m sure I’ll get bashed for saying that. But I speak only on the evidence, not hearsay. Silverstein bought the Trade Center complex in the spring of 2001 for $15 million. He then had his insurance policy adjusted to include monetary damages for a “terrorist attack”, which COINCIDENTALLY happened that fall, just a few weeks later. Guess what? Silverstein was awarded $7 BILLION in monetary damages for that faked terrorist attack! Silverstein also has strong ties with global political arenas, including our own government. When Tower 7 “collapsed” (was “pulled”, a demolition term), it housed all of the Enron case files which was all of the evidence of the $70 BILLION electrical fraud scam it was facing! Case closed… instantly! How convenient!

3. It distracts from our spiraling economy and rising food and gas prices. The dollar ain’t worth toilet paper any more and yeah, it makes perfect sense to me to tax gas just because it reached a 25% increase in cost. That sure helps my family.

4. It sets the stage for the REAL purpose of this Great Lie.

The REAL purpose: A PSY-OP

Now some things for you to think about.

1. They had to back out after they used the obviously photoshopped image of their newest “dead” Osama. It’s simply Osama’s face superimposed on the face of another real dead man. They got caught on this right away, but of course it won’t be publicized.

2. They immediately buried him at sea? Suuure! LMAO! They don’t HAVE a body because they did not kill him like they said they did!

3. They did not take him “alive” as a war criminal because that would mean public trials… which would EXPOSE THEIR WHOLE SCAM!

4. The whole purpose of the Afghanistan war was supposedly to “get Osama”. Well, are you hearing “mission accomplished” and “the war is over”. No you’re not, because this FAKE WAR is NOT OVER! Not by a long shot.

5. They claimed that Pakistan was harboring him in a “million dollar mansion”. That shack looks nothing better than an LA crack house.

6. Now they have the American peoples’ backing to invade Pakistan for harboring a known and wanted terrorist, which they will. Guess who Pakistan’s allies are? CHINA and RUSSIA!

All I have to say is this. Everything is going according to their evil greedy plan, and if we don’t all wake up right now out of our collective acid trip, World War 3 is right on your doorstep!

Mark my words.


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