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In the Wake of bin Laden’s Death, Jim DeMint Says President Obama Lacks “Commitment” to Defense

Watching the right’s rhetorical acrobatics over the past few days has been really quite amusing. Check out this strained exchange between Hugh Hewitt and Jim DeMint (T-SC).

HH: Senator, there’s an insipient sort of politicization of this, with people speculating on its impact on President Obama’s 2012 reelection. I think it’s untoward, but it’s also everywhere. What do you think about this?

JD: Well, I appreciate the fact that he has pursued this. Obviously, we’ve got to give some credit to George Bush for making this a decade-long commitment. But we’ve got to give President Obama his due. He continued to pursue it, despite pressure from the left. And he did what even some Republicans said he shouldn’t do, and that’s stage an attack in Pakistan. So I’m here to give him credit for what happened, but I do think we need to realize that the Navy SEALs, the expertise that we had, has been developed over a long period of time, with our commitment to our defense and our military. That’s not something we’re seeing from this administration. So that is a missing link, but we need to remember the intelligence gathered to make this happen came from some of the interrogation centers that have now been dissolved.

DeMint doesn’t say specifically what Obama’s done to undermine the military, but maybe he’s referring to the fact that Obama retained George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense and all his top generals while increasing defense spending.

Anyway, criticizing Democrats for “politicizing” Osama’s death? Check.

Crediting George W. Bush? Check.

Rationalizing torture? Check.

The talking points are solidifying.

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